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Grove Of The Patriarch Trail – Hiking Mt. Rainier National Park

Grove Of The Patriarch Trail

Hiking In Mt. Rainier National Park

Cam measuring up the biggest tree on the trail.
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The Grove of The Patriarchs trail nestled in Mt. Rainier National Park is a truly magical place. If you’re more into watching videos, check out the video we made. It shows our journey through this short but enchanting jaunt through some very old growth forest. 

Grove of The Patriarchs Trail

Distance – 1.5 Miles Round Trip

Duration – About an hour. No elevation gain. Take as long as you want. 

Difficulty – Very easy, great family hike fun for all ages. 

You begin this walk in a normal looking forested area located on the east side of Mt. Rainier National Park. As you get deeper into the woods you can see the trees becoming bigger. The further you get the bigger the old growth becomes. The trail also has wonderful interpretive stations to learn about the trees, river and forest. 

Cam touching one of the first really large trees you come across.

The first half of the hike you follow the beautiful Ohanapecosh River. Eventually you come to a swinging bridge that crosses the crystal clear water. The bridge is a little shaky but very fun to walk across. Sometimes lines can form here because they ask for just a few people to be on the bridge at once. 

Cam crossing the Ohanapecosh River on the swinging bridge.

Once you cross the river you can continue on the trail or you can visit the banks of the river. It’s so relaxing to watch the water flowing and occasionally seeing a trout swim by. Moving along the trail you’re now very close to the actual Grove of The Patriarchs. 

The beautiful Ohanapecosh River bank.

There is no mistaking you have arrived once you get there. It feels like you are entering a magical realm straight out of a fantasy movie. You fully expect a dinosaur to be walking around with these incredibly large trees. It almost feels like a movie set as it gives a sense of wonder and almost seems fake. 

There is a boardwalk that takes you on a loop to some of the most impressive trees you will ever see. If you have ever visited the Redwoods in Northern California, you will have a sense of how impressive these trees are. 

Cam hanging out in the roots of an uprooted old growth tree.

Make sure to make your way over to the “Big Cedar” and get your photo taken with the tree to show people the scale. The photo at the top shows Cam hanging out next to the tree. 

This was a fantastic experience, it was an easy short but very enjoyable trail. It does get a little busy due to it’s ease and accessibility but it’s 100% worth checking out. 

You can learn more about the Grove of The Patriarchs below. 

Grove of The Patriarchs

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