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Ozark Trail 8×8 Instant Sun Shade Review Instructions – Ozark Trail Sun Shelter Setup

Ozark Trail 8x8 Instant Sun Shade Review

Ozark Trail 8x8 Instant Sun Shade Review

Ozark Trail 8×8 Instant Sun Shade Review Instructions

Ozark Trail Sun Shelter Setup

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Thanks a lot for stopping by! Today I wanted to do a quick post and go over with you the Ozark Trail 8×8 instant sun shade review and instructions on how to set it up. The Ozark Trail instant sun shelter is something we had been looking at for a while, but finally decided to pull the trigger with the summer heat in full force! Let’s take a look at this affordable instant sun shade and see how it’s working for us!

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Ozark Trail 8×8 Instant Sun Shade Review, Instructions and Setup Video

I actually made a great video that shows you how to set up the Ozark Trail instant sun shelter. Sometimes it’s easier to watch someone set it up and talk about it, rather than read a review. Feel free to check out the video below, or you can scroll on down and read more about the sun shade.

Ozark Trail 8×8 Instant Sun Shelter Review

First off, this is an affordable solution for a sun shelter. It’s not jam packed with all the bells and whistles that some of the other sun shades have, but the price was right, and it’s more than serving it’s purpose.

We took it out of bag carrier it came in, and were able to get it assembled in about 5 minutes. The box says 30 seconds, which will be true every subsequent time we now set it up.

You unfold all the poles and make sure to extend them out. Extending them was the part that took us a bit to figure out. Once we understood that the poles retracted, it popped right up! If that’s kind of confusing, watch the video above, it explains and shows it  better.

Once the structure is up, all you have to do is attach the detachable sun shade. There is only one shade, which can be put on either side of the sun shelter. You just angle the shelter where you need it, then attach the shade. It’s literally that easy and is very quick and efficient to set up.

Ozark Trail 8x8 Instant Sun Shade Instructions
Ozark Trail Instant Sun Shade Instructions (Click To Enlarge)

We did take it to the beach on a day that had a little wind. It did great. It held up well and the stakes held pretty good. One kept coming loose, but we just had to keep pushing it back in the ground.We filled up the pockets at the bottom with some sand and rocks, and that was all we really needed to do to keep it secure. I’m not sure how it will hold up in super windy conditions as I have not been able to test that yet.

It kept anyone out of the sun who chose to be that day. It was nice having some refuge when you wanted it. Whether you were just hot, or starting to sun burn, it definitely served it’s purpose.

We also plan on using this at football games in the fall. It’s often raining and it seems like this will also make a great shelter out of the rain. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it beats sitting in the actual rain trying to control an umbrella.

The Ozark Trail 8×8 Instant Sun Shade did exactly what we needed it to. It kept us out of the sun when we didn’t want to be in it. I don’t see why you would spend more money on the more expensive sun shades, when the Ozark Trail did such a great job.

The Ozark Trail instant sun shade was incredibly easy to put up and even easier to take down. This will be coming with us to the beach and any sporting outings where we will be exposed to the weather.

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Thanks so much for checking out my Ozark Trail 8×8 Instant Sun Shade Review. Hopefully you have enough info to make a good decision. Please don’t hesitate to share this review on your favorite social media platform, that would certainly help us out! Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great reviews and outdoor adventures!

Ozark Trail 8×8 Instant Sun Shade Setup

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