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Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent Setup, Review, Take Down We Stay Dry?

coleman tenaya lake 8 person fast pitch tent review
Colemant Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent Setup
Colemant Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent Setup

Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent Setup

Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent Review

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Thank you so much for stopping by! Today we are going to do a quick Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent Review. Were talking to talk about how easy the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent Setup was and how easy it was to take down. We wanted to talk about how this tent worked for us and why we would recommend it to any large family looking for a spacious and large family tent.

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Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent Setup

The first setup of the Coleman Tenaya tent was a little tricky. We didn’t want a video, but wish we had. You can check out the video below if you want to watch our review and see how to set it up and take it down. Honestly, the video is much more effective for this than the written review, especially since I forgot to take good photos. All my photos are just screen grabs from my video, so I apologize about that.

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Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent Setup and Review Video

Alright, if you made it this far you boycotted the video and you want to read, no problem sometimes that’s more my style too!

We put this tent up in about 20 minutes for our first go. The directions were not that great and they were attached to the tent bag, which was annoying. I understand it’s to make sure you don’t lose them, but it was still annoying bending over and trying to read instructions.

We finally decoded them and figured out how to put this tent up. Turns out, the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent Setup was a snap. Once we saw how the frame went up, it was incredibly easy. Again, the video is a much better way to see how this works, but I will try to explain.

coleman tenaya lake 8 person fast pitch tent review

The poles are color coded. You have your mail poles that do not have a color on them, they go to blue, then you have 2 red poles. You attach the huge spider looking pole to the middle with the short red poles going to the sides of the tent, not the corners. Once you have that laid down, you just hook up the poles to the spider looking pole in the middle. Check out the image to see what I am talking about.

One of my  favorite parts of this tent is that there are no sleeves you have to stick the poles in. There are some hooks that keep them in place, but they are all external, making the set up super easy. All you do now is attach the poles to the hooks and plug them into the pegs at the bottom of the tent. Do this to all 4 corners and 2 sides and the tent pops right up!

Then you just put the skinny flexible pole into the door, which is cool because it makes the door have a nice solid frame. It makes it really easy to open and close. The door Velcros for easy quick closing then zips up to keep the bugs out.

Then you attach the rain fly, which attaches easily to the poles and you stake it down if you want. We did put up the rain fly but we did not stake it. Turns out it rained, but it kept all the girls bone dry, no one woke up wet. There wasn’t much wind, so we were lucky, but even without it being staked it did a good job keeping everyone dry.

All in all, including the rain fly, the tent does go up in 9 minutes. Especially if it’s your second time putting it up. Your first time might take a little longer, but after that 9 minutes is definitely possible. That’s the time that Coleman advertises for the tent. It’s very is and super quick!

One of the really cool features on the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent is the battery powered LED light it comes with. It fits at the top of the tent inside a pouch that acts as a diffuser. You turn the light on, which requires 3 AA batteries, and the pouch helps spread the light around to the tent., Its really neat! It’s always inconvenient to mess with a lantern in a tent, this takes that need away. The main light switch has it’s own pouch on the side of the tent by the door and even dims and brightens the light. We have not tested this enough for me to tell you how long the batteries last, but I suggest bringing 3 extra!

Colemant Tenaya Lake 8 Person Fast PitchTent Led Light
Colemant Tenaya Lake 8 Person Fast Pitch Tent Led Light

The last feature I wanted to touch on is the closet. It has a small closet that has a rod that goes through it. It also has a net thing that you can hang from it. You can hang up or store wet clothes, or even clothes you don’t want wrinkled. However you need to hang up clothes, this closet gives you that option. The door Velcros shut, so it’s not air tight but it’s definitely a separate compartment.  You could even store wet shoes in there, just so they don’t get any bedding or anything wet or muddy.

Colemant Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent Closet
Colemant Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent Closet. My son Cam was kind enough to help show it off!

We bought this to accommodate our family on camping trips, and my daughters birthday. She had 6 girls over for a total of 7. They all fit in the tent easily. We could have fit a couple more girls no problem. We had 2 full size air mattresses and a large floaty for them to sleep on.

The take down of the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent was actually even easier than the setup. You simply popped the poles out of the pegs and the tent came down with ease. Just like with any tent, the worst part is rolling it up. The box the tent comes with is nice though and has extra room to allow for a little mess up with the roll up process. I rolled the tent up just a little too long, but the size of the carrier allowed me to make that error and the tent still fit easily into the box.

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Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent Review Summary

All in all, I would definitely recommend this tent if you are looking for a large family tent for 5-8 people. If you have less than 5, you can get away with a much smaller tent. This is a great tent for camping in a set area, but you would not want this for backpacking, it’s pretty heavy.

Its very roomy and will make you feel comfortable with the included light and extra closet space. It is very easy to set up and can be put up in under 10 minutes with two people. Maybe not the first time, but after that, you will put it up with ease. It’s well constructed and does not feel like it’s going to break or rip anytime soon. I feel that this tent will last us years to come.

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Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent Setup

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