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Bitterroot Valley Montana – Cabin For Rent In Bitteroot Valley Near Hamilton Montana

Bitterroot Moutnains Montana

Bitterroot Valley Montana

Cabin For Rent Bitterroot Valley, Near Hamilton Montana

Bitterroot Valley Montana
After a fresh snow in the Bitterroot Valley Montana. Near Hamilton.
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We’re excited to bring you on an adventure to the Bitterroot Valley Montana. We did some research and found the best cabin for rent in the Bitterroot Valley, near Hamilton Montana. Heather and I don’t get away by ourselves very often, but we wanted to spend some time alone, in a secluded cabin in the woods. The little cabin we found in the Bitterroot Valley was the right spot for us!

We decided to take the drive from Idaho over to the Bitterroot Valley in Montana. I’ve always heard wonderful things about the Bitterroot Mountains, but really wanted to experience them for ourselves.

To get to Hamilton, you drive East on I90 from Idaho. Go all the way to Missoula and drive due south on 93. We decided to take the trip in February, which made for some interesting driving. The worst part was in the Lolo area. We ran into a snow and rain mix, and it became a little messy. But all things considered, the drive was pretty mild, mostly just raining on us a bit.

We pulled into Hamilton, forgot a few things and needed to stop at the store. One of the things we wanted to do on this trip was snow shoe. When we got to the Bitterroot Valley, there was no snow. Only snow to be found was in the higher elevations. We spoke to a very nice lady working at the grocery store who basically told us that it had not snowed in the area for about a month. She did mention that they were calling for snow the night we arrived however.

Cabin For Rent Bitterroot Valley Near Hamilton Montana

Cabin For Rent In Bitterroot Valley Montana
Bear Paw Cabin for rent in the Bitterroot Valley Near Hamilton Montana.

The Cabin for rent we stayed at was just a few miles outside of town. It wasn’t completely secluded, but it was far enough from any neighbor to be very private. We grabbed our stuff and opened the door. We were taken back by the beauty of this cabin. The cabin we chose is called the Bear Paw Cabin. We rented this cabin through Bitterroot Cabins. Link below for more info about their cabins.

Click Here To See Bitterroot Valley Cabins For Rent

Sorry, I interrupted myself there. The cabin was beautiful! It decor on the inside was very cool. You can tell someone put a lot of time and effort into making this cabin very cozy and comfortable. It had a lot of nice touches, like the antler chandelier in the kitchen and the antler handles on the cabinets.

Bear Paw Cabin Bitterroot Valley
The kitchen in the cabin!

The cabin was incredibly clean and all the appliances were pretty nice. The Bear Paw Cabin came fully stocked with all the silver wear and dinner wear you would need. It also had all the cleaning supplies for you to help make sure it looked the way it did leaving as it did when you walked in. The closet had ample games and books for entertainment.

Inside of Cabin Near Hamilton Montana
Here was our view after we arrived to the cabin. Had some mocha with the snow coming down!

One of the cabin’s biggest attractions were of course the hot tub. The hot tub was right outside of the sliding glass doors from the bedroom. I suggest bringing some sandles, the walk from the hot tub to the inside of the cabin isn’t a long one, but can get the feet cold!

Bitterroot Cabin For Rent With Hot Tub
View from the bedroom, yep, that’s the hot tub!

We decided to grab some already made food as we didn’t really feel like cooking. We sat down to enjoy the peace and quiet, and believe it or not, it started snowing. And I’m not talking it sprinkled a bit, I mean, it CAME DOWN. It snowed over the next several hours. It snowed all the way into the night. It made for a pretty amazing soak in the hot tub. It was the first time I had ever been in a hot tub as huge snow flakes landed on my head. It was a pretty cool moment, knowing that there had been snow in this area for around a month.

Bitterroot Valley Montana Cabin
The snow was starting to pile up on our heads! This is us in the hot tub, after it started snowing!

We decided to jump back in the hot tub later that night for another relaxing soak. About 30 minutes after we jumped in, the snow stopped and clouds melted away. We had a full view of the stars. We laid in the hot tub and watched as a few shooting stars fell from the sky.

It was truly a magical night. Not just being in the cabin, but the immense snow fall that happened on top of having access to the hot tub. At the end of the night the clouds going away and giving us a full view of the stars felt almost like it was all too good to be true. I wish I had taken more pictures of the trip, but it was so magical I didn’t want to fuss with a camera.

The next morning we woke up to probably 6-8 inches of brand new snow. This was literally how we dreamed it would happen. Being in a cabin with the snow coming down, knowing that we wanted to take our first snow shoeing adventure in the morning. This provided us that opportunity. We brewed some coffee, enjoyed the morning and set out to see the beautiful new views.

bitterroot mountains cabin rental
No snow when we arrived, this was about an hour after we got to the cabin!

We took off on a random country road to see some beautiful views of the Biterroot Mountains. I was able to get the shot below, which might be my favorite photo I took the entire trip. We then set south for Lake Como, to embark on our first ever show shoeing journey!

Bitterroot Moutnains Montana
The morning came, the clouds parted and the sun shined. This was the fresh snow fall on the mountains. Click For Full Size.

Check out part 2 below of our trip, to read about and see photos of our snow shoeing trip!

Snowshoeing In The Bitterroot Valley Montana, Lake Como

Thank you for checking out and sharing this amazing trip with us. The Bitterroot Valley in Montana will definitely be on our list of destinations in the future. Don’t forget to click above to see part 2 of our trip, the snowshoeing!

Bitterroot Valley Montana – Bitterroot Mountains Views!

Check out some more amazing views of the Bitterroot Mountains in the video below!

Bitterroot Valley Montana


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