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Best Budget Backpacking Sleeping Pad Under $30 – SleepInGo Sleeping Pad Review

SleepInGo Sleeping Pad

SleepInGo Sleeping Pad Review

SleepInGo Sleeping Pad Review
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We planned a family backpacking trip to Second Beach Washington in the majestic Olympic National Park. I wanted to find a sleeping pad for myself that wouldn’t break the bank. This led me to find the best budget backpacking sleeping pad for under $30. Check out the SleepInGo sleeping pad review below!

Please note, the sleeping pad was under $30 at the time of writing this review. Please click the product below to see the most current and up to date price info.

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I did a lot of research trying to find a backpacking sleeping pad under the $50 mark. I ended up landing on the SleepInGo sleeping pad. I was able to snag it off Amazon for $30. 

If you’re more of a video person, check out our SleepInGo Video Review below. 

Best Budget Backpacking Sleeping Pad Under $30

I can’t think of a better place to test our a new backpacking sleeping pad! We were lucky enough to take out this pad to the beautiful Second Beach, which is a quick backpacking trip in Olympic National Park. We hiked a mile in to the beach and set up camp! 

If your looking for a small backpacking sleeping pad for under $20, check out the link below. 

I landed on the SleepInGo because it seemed to mark all the boxes for me personally. It was affordable, this was the main thing I was looking for. I wanted to see if a backpacking sleeping pad in this price range can compare to the higher priced sleeping pads. 

A sleeping pad over the $100 mark will be a little more comfortable and keep you a little warmer. If you aren’t camping in cold weather, this sleeping pad will be more than warm enough. I also stayed pretty comfortable considering the cost of the Sleep In Go. I didn’t notice a huge drop off in comfort, it seemed pretty close to the comfort of the over $100 sleeping pads. I would say the amount you pay for those sleeping pads is hard to justify for the small difference in comfort. 

Best budget sleeping pad under 30

The only way I would recommend getting the more expensive backpacking sleeping pad is if the weather you will be backing in is sub 40 degrees. Anything above that this sleeping pad should be just fine. 

One thing I particularly liked about the SleepInGo backpacking sleeping pad is that it was plenty long enough for me. I’m 6’5″ and this was an important thing for me. This was one of the sleeping pads in this price range that can accommodate a taller person. 

The SleepInGo weight and dimensions below. 

  • Weight – 14.5 Ounces
  • Size Packed – About the size of a Nalgene water bottle
  • Size when inflated below
  • 2 inches thick
  • 73 inches long
  • 23 inches wide

The sleeping pad was super easy to blow up. It took me about 30 seconds and 10 breaths to fill it up. There is a piece inside the sleeping pad that stops air from coming out. In order to deflate you need to open the air channel and push that little piece up for the air to come out. It’s nice for blowing up the sleeping pad so air doesn’t come out when you stop blowing but is a little inconvenient when deflating. 

All things considered the SleepInGo sleeping pad is an amazing value for under $30. It truly is one of the best budget sleeping pads for under $30. If money is an issue and you want to get something that will serve its purpose it’s hard to not go with the SleepInGo sleeping pad. 

I hope this SleepInGo sleeping pad review has helped you decide on a good budget backpacking sleeping pad. Please watch the video above so you can see the SleepInGo in action! 

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Best Budget Backpacking Sleeping Pad Under $30

SleepInGo Sleeping Pad Review

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